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First Flowers of Spring

Pasque, flower, Anemone, Pulsatilla, spring, flower, wild, prairie, sandy, Easter, lavender, early, Wisconsin,
Pasque Flower (Anemone Pulsatilla)

Today’s mini-escape was to Walking Iron County Park near Mazomanie, WI. I’d first been there last year as a volunteer on a prairie burn. Joining those work groups was the first interaction with people outside of my family since the beginning of the Pandemic. As I set out from home I wondered if there was any chance that the Park’s crew would actually be working at that location. Sure enough they were!

Dane, county, parks, crew, fire, controlled, prairie, burn, work,
The Dane Count Parks Department rest and review the day's controlled burn of fire-dependent vegetation..

I had the opportunity to stop, chat for a moment and exchange a few chuckles. This totally random, brief exchange was uplifting, not to mention timely. I needed it, to just connect for a moment to people I admire for their work ethic and outlook. It’s been a rough day.

fire, prairie, burn, Dane, county, parks, controlled, smoke,
Controlled Burn - April 2021

The Pasque Flowers (Anemone Pulsatilla) are blooming in the sandy soil of the oak savanna. They are just now popping up and are the first of the prairie flowers to bloom. A sign of life's reawakening in the grassland, their faint blush of color stands out against the dead and dried grasses from last summer in tiny, scattered groups. As I look for them I can’t help but recall Easter egg hunts with my child when she was small.

Pasque, flowers, flower, Easter, spring, early
Pasque Flowers

smoke, fire, ash, prairie, burn, burned, burning,
A tiny remnant of smoke is all that is left from a controlled burn of fire-dependent vegetation.


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