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Wisconsin Golden Gloves 2024 State Tournament

47 Bouts of Boxing from March 29 & 30 at the Madison Marriott West

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Red Corner: Dan Alexander (Ford's Gym) VS Blue Corner: Knowledge Johnson (Firehouse Gym)

Amateur athletes gathered for two days of boxing at the Madison Marriott West. Friday night there were 30 bouts, which spanned over six hours of nearly constant action.  Saturday night there were 17 bouts in all. I took photos of all 47 bouts, totaling nearly 25,000 photos. 

On both nights I arrived shortly before the event, parked myself in my corner opposite the Doctors, and stayed there until the end of the night, only leaving for one 10-minute break at intermission. It was pretty intense watching every single round through the viewfinder of my camera. Hours of constantly being in motion as I kept the action in frame, and level gave me a good workout.

You can find the photos of all 47 bouts in the linked gallery below.  Downloads of various file sizes are available for purchase, as well as the original, high resolution  print file. All purchased photos do not have any visible watermarks. Entire bouts can be purchased via the button at the top of each gallery. Personal use licensing is the only option available. Please contact me directly for commercial use licensing. A wide variety of prints, wall art, and other assorted products that photos can be printed onto are also available. 

It was my pleasure to cover this exciting athletic event. I have tremendous respect for the hours of hard training many of these people put into their sport. Not only do I take the photos, but I also create the graphics used on the posters, t-shirts, etc.. Supporting the Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation is always a personally rewarding experience for me.

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