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Portfolio: Travel & Marketing Photos

Promotional photography for a tourism & publications

The cover of the 2008 PA State Tour Guide

Pennsylvania Tourism Bureau

I have produced imagery for a number of publications for use in marketing, journalism, and promoting tourism. When I lived in PA I was often assigned to photograph specific subjects, events, and locations for use by the State Tourism Bureau. I would usually work with a Creative Director of Mile Media, the company that produced the state’s marketing materials. Oftentimes I would receive a hand drawn thumbnail of the proposed layouts for publications from which I would try to capture imagery to reflect those concepts. 

Below you see both the original photos that were used to create the 2008 PA State Tourism Guide. In the first an artist renders a version of a photo I had taken in rural Tioga County onto the sidewalk of an overlook of Pittsburgh, PA. It was then slightly modified and used for the cover. The second cover was for another guide book and featured a photo of a hang glider I had taken in central PA. For that image I perched on the edge of a cliff as the gliders launched from above me. 

The early 2000’s were also a period of being sent on rewarding assignments all across the state. I covered a large variety of subject matter. There were times I found myself touring historical sites, unusual flea markets, events, or activities such as snowmobiling. Below are just a few samples of the plethora of images I produced for these tourism publications.  

The signature image used for the Thirsty Troll Brew Fest

Thirsty Troll Brew Fest

After moving to Mount Horeb, Wisconsin I began to produce imagery for the local Chamber of Commerce. I would cover events such as the Thirsty Troll Brew Fest. I took photos of this annual event twice, the first time being in 2016. It was at that first event that I took what would become the signature photo used for marketing this festival on posters and social media. This image has had longevity as it has been used every single year ever since. It is ironic that I am a nondrinker, yet my work promotes an event centered around nothing but drinking.

Mount Horeb's Troll Mascot

Mount Horeb is now known as the "Trollway." It’s an old title going back to the 1970’s during a time before the major highway that swings south of the village now. Back then, truckers passing through town would make jokes over their CB radios about seeing other truckers' mothers standing outside of a store that happened to have a decorative troll standing out front. Soon other stores began to decorate their fronts with wooden trolls, paintings, and other assorted troll'ish art. Eventually the Chamber of Commerce purchased a rubber troll mask which has been used as a town mascot ever since. 

Below you can see some of the promotional imagery I created using the "Jorgen the Troll" mascot in various settings.

Jorgen the Troll

My father & daughter pose for a photo that has been used often to market Mount Horeb.

Below is a small sampling of the work I produced for the local Chamber of Commerce. Often they would give me specific subjects that they wanted to promote, as well as specific events. I would usually find local folks that wanted to participate and model, or offer locations for use in creating these photos. It was a fun period of work for me, and I enjoyed meeting my new community. 

Dane County Parks

I have not only volunteered to work in the local parks performing prescribed burns, but I also provided many photos for use in their educational and promotional materials. Below is a very small, and current sampling of my work being used by them. I fully support the parks department's mission.

Mount Horeb Mail

I’ve also provided photos for use in local newspapers such as the Mount Horeb Mail. In fact, the same week that I am writing this portfolio blog post, the local news editor Matt Geiger has begun to send me assignments to cover local events. The goal of this work will be to produce short photo essays that cover a variety of subjects that will appear in a variety of newspapers around the region.

Scandihoovian Winter Festival

There is another local winter event run by a small group. They have hired me on occasion to cover various activities and then have used the images for promotional material.  

Other Assorted Publications

My photography has been used in a wide variety of publication types. Below is a small sampling of one subject theme based on Medieval reenactment. I have also produced images for educational, scientific, and entertainment publications.

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