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“Strong Island" Joe Gaglio vs Chris "C-note" Crivolio

Bout 1 of the Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation's 2022 White Collar Boxing Fundraiser
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“Strong Island" Joe Gaglio (Red) vs Chris "C-note" Crivolio (Winner - Blue)

Our first bout of the 2022 White Collar Boxing event at The Red Mouse was a rematch going back to our last event in 2019. It was a very fast paced fight. These two have been putting in a lot of work both physically and technically since that last fight. It really showed and by the end of the third round the crowd was fired up and ready for more!

Just click/tap the photo below to access the photos. If you want copies use the download icons. A portion print of sales will directly support Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and will help support our boxers, community work and training.

More bouts to come! Stay tuned!

Poster Photo & Design by Me

Here's there 2019 bout.

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