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2022 Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation's 2022 White Collar Boxing Event @ The Red Mouse


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Tim "E-Dog" Roberts (Winner - Blue 52yo) vs Kirby "White Beard" Waters (Red 47yo)

Last night I shot the Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation’s fundraising White Collar Boxing event at the Red Mouse Bar & Grill in Pine Bluff, Wisconsin. Just west of Madison hundreds of fans turned out for a night of energetic bouts. The underlying goal of this event is to support the efforts of amateur athletes to simply be their best. Participants from all walks of life, athletic skills sets and experience trained for months for this main event. These competitors, and the fans that pay to see them fight, directly support the BLBF's mission to train dedicated athletes in their quest for perfection in their sport. The Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation is in fact the Wisconsin State Golden Gloves franchise holder and has seen it's team members become State & National Champions, as well as making the 2020 Olympics on Team USA.

This event hasn’t been held since November of 2019 and the pent up enthusiasm of three year’s simply exploded as the night progressed. Each fighter had put in the time and work it takes to perform. They’d honed their technique and conditioned their bodies and were ready to test themselves in the ring. The screams of the crowd & the chants of people calling out the names of their preferred pugilist obscured the sounds of gloves smacking flesh. I've never seen a crowd become more frenzied!

crowd, cheer, cheering, fans, excited, fun, thrilling
The crowd's energy was the most I have ever experienced at a boxing event! It blew my mind at times!

While each bout does indeed end in a winner there are no losers in these fights. It takes a lot of self confidence and courage to step onto the canvas. It took dedication, time, sweat and pain to prepare themselves. There’s more to life than just winning, it’s also about being willing to test oneself. To step outside of your comfort zone and see who you really are as a person. In my eyes, and hopefully in their own, it has made them all stronger people. This includes those few who prepared for the event but couldn't get a proper matchup to test their skills.

In honor of last night here is a collection of just one action shot from each bout. To access please click the photo you see below. If you want a copy use the download icon located in the lower left on mobile, or the left side panel of an opened photo on desktop. Feel free to tag me on social media. You can find my profiles in the header or footer.

If you want to purchase print copies of photos (MORE TO COME SOON!) or the posters, a portion of the proceeds go directly to the BLBF. Just click the poster below to find the artwork I created to promote this event. I recommend the metallic prints for their sharpness, amazing color and long life. Also, feel free to either subscribe or add me on social media to keep an eye out for when I release all of the photos from last night's incredible event.

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