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Portfolio Sample Page: Specialized Portraiture

The intent of this post is simply to share a few, specific portraits to present to a new, potential creative client that I may have an opportunity to work with. These are all photos taken as part of my personal art projects. These projects are used to explore various lighting techniques, and to simply experiment with the artistic process.

boxer, boxing, Briana, Hendricks, Che,
Briana Hendricks Che - 2019 National Golden Gloves Champion

Occasionally I will partner with a model for an extended period of time. Knowing a model well allows me to simply put my energies into playing with light, shadow and shape. The following series were all taken over around a year or two long period with model Jesi Ostrowsky of Madison, WI.

Fitness Model Lindsay Guerra

The following are just a few samples of work I have done with dancers. What I enjoy most about working with dancers is figuring out how to make the photos dance too.

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