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Luke "Valioso" Coutinho (Winner - Blue) vs "PB Mars" Thornsen (Red)

Bout 2 of the Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation's 2022 White Collar Boxing Fundraiser

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Luke "Valioso" Coutinho (Winner - Blue) vs "PB Mars" Thornsen (Red)

The second feat of fisticuffs was between two lite in weight, but hefty in attitude athletes. This fast paced fight was near constant action. Neither boxer wanted to give an inch, and both showed tremendous heart as they went at each other with gusto.

Just click/tap the photo below to access the photos. If you want copies use the download icons. A portion print of sales will directly support Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and will help support our boxers, community work and training.

More bouts to come! Stay tuned!

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The crowd reacts to seeing a particularly hard hit.
I had fun creating the flyers for each event.

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