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2022 Wisconsin Golden Gloves State Tournament

Hosted by the Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation @ the Madison-Marriott West, Madison, WI on July 8th & 9th 2022

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169 Weight, Novice Division James Dedrick (Red- Winner) vs. Dillan Gonett (Blue) Bout 20

Though I have no history with the sport of boxing I found my way into the world and work of the Wisconsin Golden Gloves franchise holders the Bob Lynch Boxing Foundation. This non-profit, based out of Ford’s Gym in Madison, supports the efforts of amatuer athletes in their pursuit of victory in the ring. What drew my attention is the work, dedication and discipline it takes to make oneself a champion boxer. It’s not about who can brawl the hardest, it’s about who has the best technical skill and show of heart. Though there is only one winner in each bout there are no losers as it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there risking defeat. What truly appeals to me is that even after a loss these folks will often just work harder in training to get back out into the ring to try for victory on another day.

I’m also drawn by the efforts of all the volunteers who help make this event happen. From the people who set up the ring, manage the boxers and officiate the bouts I see nothing but dedication and pride in their sport. It’s an honor to work alongside such a hardworking, dedicated culture. My role as photographer and graphic designer is but a small part in these efforts.

I have completed processing the photos from the 2022 State Tournament that was held July 9th & 10th at the Madison-Marriott West in Madison, WI. Last year I also covered the State Tournament shooting over 28,000 photos. Unfortunately I also began a new chapter in my personal life that precluded my ability to sort and process them all. This year I was instructed to only shoot very specific bouts, but I did try to capture at least the arm raise of each bout.

You can access the gallery via clicking the photo below. If you wish to purchase prints just open an image and use the shopping cart to select your print size and finish. I offer a number of products to display your favorite photos.

As I mentioned earlier, I also designed and produced the event poster, banners and graphics in general. Though anonymous work, it gives me great pleasure and pride to see my work helping to define this amazing and athletic culture.

Wisconsin, Golden, Gloves, State, Tournament, 2022
I designed & created this year's event graphics.

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